Year: 2019

The Advantages Of Simplicity When Trading

In our day to day operations, in almost any area, we tend to make things more complicated than necessary, and this can significantly affect the outcome of our actions, although many times we do not realize. In trading, something similar happens. Some traders spend day and night in front of their computer, test hundreds of […]

Translation Vs. Interpretation

The job of an interpreter and a translator though hardly differentiated as they are both linguistic disciplines, has some distinctions nonetheless. Their skillset, diverse language knowledge, training and methods of discharge are so essential that only a number can function in both offices professionally with success. The primary difference in the two disciplines is the […]

DHL Vs. UPS: Shipping Charge Comparison

The cost of shipping parcels and documents overseas is affected by many factors. Some of the factors affecting the charges of sending documents abroad include: Value of the item:  an item with much value will inevitably cost more than one with less profit. Sometimes, it is advised to take insurance covers on such valuable items. […]

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