3 cool tips for better SEO in 2020

Search engine optimization is harder than ever. It was easier to rank a blog in 2010 as compared to today. There was not much competition before but now every day you get thousands of new websites. It is hard to rank when your competition keeps getting stronger every day. Modern problem requires modern solutions. There were old black hat methods like PBN (private blogging network) and keyword stuffing, which are obsolete today. So, you must apply new techniques in your SEO strategy.

New techniques to apply in your SEO model

There are three cool tricks that you can try right now. These tricks will definitely help you with your SEO:

  1. Use LSI keywords – LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are the keywords that are related to your keyword. Suppose your keyword is ‘car repair’ then its LSI keywords would be ‘auto repair’ and ‘automobile repair’. LSI keywords help understand Google that your content is actually related to your keyword.
  2. Broken link building – You can check for broken links on a webpage in your niche. If you find one, mail the blog owner. Tell them about broken link and offer them your own link to replace theirs. You will be amazed with the results.
  3. Create a detailed post – Instead of creating 5 different posts for one topic, create one detailed post about it. People would be happy to find all the info at one place.

These three tips would help you in your SEO and you would get faster and better results.

Hire expert in SEO

You can also hire a professional seo services[jasa seo professional, which is the term in Indonesian] provider. The benefit of hiring a professional is that your work will be reduced to half and you will be able to learn a lot while working with him. You would learn what would actually work and what would not work.

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