3 Lesser-Known Benefits to Using a VPN

Using a VPN comes with a host of benefits but many are well-known while others are not as well known. This type of software has been around for years but because some people do not know all of the benefits of using one, they might be missing out.

Most people will already know the most common benefits of a VPN. These are secure and private browsing and downloading and unlocking geo-restricted content. Your connection is completely encrypted and you only connect to the internet via a private server located somewhere else. This means that nobody will know what you are doing, be able to see your data and you will be able to connect from countries where you can access certain content.

What this article explains, are some of the lesser-known benefits to using a VPN.

Save Some Money

Did you know that when you book flights, hotels and a wide range of other activities and services, the price will vary depending on your location? Prices are set due to the perceived affordability in each region, so a flight booked in America may be a lot cheaper if booked in a less well-off country. So, by using a VPN and connecting to one of these countries before booking or making a purchase, you will be able to save on your expense.

Using Kodi is Safer

Kodi allows you to have all of your streaming services in one place but as you will know, many of these streaming services are not exactly legal. There is a huge grey area when using them as these streaming services may not have the copyright to provide you with the content that you are getting.

Once you have set up a Kodi VPN einrichten, you can be sure that your data and activity is private when using it. This means that you can have some peace of mind when you are using Kodi just in case any services that you are using are illegal.

No More Internet Tracking

This does not mean that your internet activity is not being tracked, just that the internet activity that IS being tracked is connected to the current IP address that you are using on the VPN network. None of this is tracked back to your own IP address which means that you will not receive unwanted ads and other intrusions that are linked to your activity.

Bonus Tip: Cheat on Pokemon GO

We know that many of you will not be playing this popular mobile game but for those that do, a VPN can give you an advantage. You can simply log on to servers in other countries to go and catch those rare Pokemons!


It is common knowledge that VPNs are used to hide the downloading of torrents or for circumventing geo-restrictions but hopefully this article has shown you some of the other benefits as well. Whether you want VPN für Kodi kostenlos or to save some money, a VPN is well worth the investment.