A Descriptive Guide on Installing a Solvent Trap Adapter

When it comes to cleaning a firearm, a solvent trap adapter plays an important role. You attach the solvent trap tube against the device. But first, you should understand a few items you need during the cleaning process.

Cleaning solvent

To begin with, you need a quality cleaning solvent that protects the firearm from corrosion by attacking the deposits of rust, plastic, carbon, or lead, which accumulate within the machine. For best results, experts recommend avoiding water and petroleum-based solvents because they are less effective.

Firearm solvent trap tube

The next item that you require during a firearm cleaning process is the solvent trap tube, which is a special cylindrical tube that traps the cleaning solvent to avoid any spill. After a thorough cleaning of the firearm barrel, you carefully disconnect the solvent trap from the firearm.

During the cleaning process, there must be an airtight seal between the trap tube and the barrel. This is where a solvent trap adapter comes in handy. This device accommodates different thread sizes that may exist between the firearm barrel and the solvent trap.

If you connect it properly, the solvent moves seamlessly from the firearm into the trap tube without any spill or frustration. You only need to ensure that the thread size of the firearm and that of the solvent trap correspond. For this reason, it’s crucial to choose the correct size of the adapter.

Installing the solvent trap adapter

To install the trap adapter, you need the following:

  1. Solvent trap tube
  2. 2 crush washers
  3. Flat washer
  4. The solvent trap adapter

Install the adapter in the following 8 steps:

Step #1: Remove the flash suppressor part at the tip of the firearm’s barrel

Step #2: Put one crush washer in place

Step #3: Put the adapter in place

Step #4: Put in a crush washer

Step #5: Put the flash suppressor back in its place

Step #6: Remove the thread protector on the adapter

Step #7: Put in the flat washer

Step #8: Install the solvent trap tube

 In this order, you can install a solvent trap adapter easily each time you want to clean a firearm.

Where can you buy a solvent trap adapter?

While there are many outlets to buy firearm accessories, you always deal with a licensed dealer. Established dealers protect their reputation by offering superior value, quality, and customer service. Additionally, they stock products that withstand the most stringent use. This is because they use high-quality design and premium materials.

Before you purchase any firearm accessories or components, you should ensure to familiarize yourself with all the applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Laws can vary among different states and jurisdictions and Armory Den only supports the lawful and responsible use of the firearm accessories that we stock.

At armoryden.com, we are America’s top supplier of high-grade solvent trap cleaning kits and accessories. Routine cleaning helps reduce risk and improves the safety, reliability, and overall performance of your firearm. Browse our adapters.

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