Alaskan Handmade Custom Knives – More Than Just for Survival

Some would say a knife is a knife. But, a handmade Alaskan Ulu knife or any other knife designed in Alaska is not just a knife. Instead, it is a way of life.

You see, every custom knife is designed with the user in mind. These are not the same knives mass manufactured by a company somewhere in America.

Looking at Alaska, you know you need a survival tool, usually a knife. But, Alaskan handmade custom knives serve more than one purpose. Here are four other uses of a handmade Alaskan Ulu knife. 

      1. Food Preparation

The first use of a custom knife is typical; preparing food. From dicing meat to chopping vegetables, preparing fish, or any other kitchen use, this knife got your back.

Its sharp edge allows you to prepare cooking ingredients quickly and precisely. Whether filleting or mincing, you can use the knife and get the product you are looking for.

If you buy this knife and a chopping board with a bowl at the center, you can chop your herbs without them jumping all over the counter. All you have to do is place your pepper or herbs in the bowl and rock your knife.

      2. Cutting Pizza

Another use of these knives is to cut pizza. If you work in a pizza joint, this knife can be your go-to whenever you want to slice pizza.

The knife is usually sharp, even after years of daily use. Thus, you can slice thousands of pizzas before you need to sharpen the knife.

      3. Conversation Starter

Are you sitting in an awkward situation and cannot hold a conversation with someone for more than ten seconds? Take your handmade custom knife out and see where the conversation goes. It sounds like something you should not do because you are sitting with someone you cannot hold a long conversation with.

But, it would be best if you did it if you want to eliminate the awkwardness. You can start by asking your new friend if they know about Alaskan-made knives. Take the conversation from there and be as helpful as possible.

If another fan of Alaskan-made knives sees you using one, they will approach you because they feel like you have something in common. They will ask you how you got your knife, how you dealt with inspection at the airport or any other travel terminal, and take a conversation from there.

      4. Skinning an Animal

Does your work involve skinning an animal, or do you know anyone who does? Separating a skin from an animal is easy if you are using the right tool. If you need to sell the fur, you have to remove it precisely without cutting too deep into the meat or too thin.

With a sharp custom knife, you can skin an animal perfectly. If you are in a state where hunting is not illegal, you need to skin an animal before roasting it or cooking it. 

Get Your Handmade Alaskan Ulu Knife

The above examples are some of the many uses of an Alaskan-made knife. These knives are applicable in almost every aspect of this life. At we custom make various types of knives for you and the people you want to gift. Contact us today at (907) 830-0190 to get the knife specifications you want.

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