An explanation of the Company Secretary’s non-routine services

Additionally, some businesses provide help with a broad variety of ad-hoc duties in addition to their normal secretarial services. Changing the board of directors, transferring shares, distributing more funds, and terminating services are just a few examples. To compensate for the cost of providing the service, we will withdraw a modest fee from the return.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the following non-routine tasks and their associated fees:

Inquiries about the financial sector

For instance, the Company Secretary may be able to help you set up a business bank account, modify the authorised signatories on an existing account, or even close an existing account. To get started, just complete the online application for a Singapore business bank account accessible here. The corporate secretarial services that are not regarded routine need it.

The Board of Directors came to a decision and agreed to it.

An official document used to record the board of directors’ decisions, as well as the adoption of any new terms or goals, is called a Directors Resolution. Make use of it to keep track of the company’s board of directors’ decisions. Several committees were given the ability to implement the board’s decisions.

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The following issues need Board of Directors resolutions:

Directors of a corporation are either elected by the company’s shareholders or resign of their own will. • (e.g., Company Secretary, Director, Auditors)

Businesses may conduct transactions by selling corporate assets or transferring stock ownership.

There is no limitation on updating the Beneficial Owners, Nominee Directors and Registrable Controllers in the event that the company’s registration location is changed.

  • The corporate world is shifting its focus away from what it has traditionally been.
  • The alteration of the financial year’s calendar
  • A statement on the company’s proposed name change for the EGM/AGM of shareholders

A Company Secretary’s aid may be required while preparing for and conducting the Annual General Meeting and filing the Annual Return. It’s also possible that they may help in the process of boosting paid-up capital, issuing new shares, and allocating more shares.

Changes to the Articles of Association governing big corporations may be complex. A corporate secretary is equipped to deal with any issue, no matter how complex. No matter how complicated the task, this is always a fact.

It’s conceivable that a corporate representative or secretary may attend the meeting to take notes and keep tabs on what’s going on there as it develops. A company secretary may also assist with shareholder nominations and dividend declarations if needed. Additionally, a company secretary may provide these two other functions.

Services that a Company Secretary may not provide on a regular basis include the following:

A common way for companies to show their appreciation to their owners is to provide quarterly or yearly dividends.

Making a profit and loss statement and a balance sheet

If a company has gone out of business, the following documents should be used: In the absence of active trade, creditors and investors may assess how successfully management is making use of available resources.

Complaints have been filed by a large number of individuals.

The auditor ensures that the business’s financial statements are correct by verifying that the company complies with all the audit standards.

Financial statements that have not been audited may also be prepared by a company secretary, who can also aid in the filing of corporate taxes (for Exempt Private Companies). Choosing a Singapore company secretary is made easy with the help of the resources on this website. Looking for a company secretary? Firms such as Morrison (  provides a range of corporate secretarial services for Singaporean companies.

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