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Congratulations! You just opened your own clothing boutique! What will you name it? Some people name a store after themselves. What happens if you have a dull name like Mary Williams? Or an unappealing name like Maude Dunkley? Or one that sounds too much like an existing brand like Lois Venton? Or hard to pronounce or spell-like Siobhan O’Maoldhomhnaigh? You will just have to come up with something else. Generally, the name will contain words like “Chic”, “Style” or “Glam(our)” to let people know what you’re about. Mix up some other words like “lab” or “studio” to let people know this is an active workplace. You could roll dice or pick names out of a hat. Or you could let this handy dandy Clothing Brand Name Generator take care of it all for you. Namify the brand builder to the rescue! 

How To Make This Work

It’s very simple really. You type in a couple of keywords. “Clothing store” could do it. If there is a certain word you’d like to see used, throw that in. Pick a category. Is it just fashion in general or do you sell shoes? Jewelry? Do you especially want to cater to brides? If cosmetics and salon services are on the table, you might want a name that reflects that. Click on that little pink “Generate Names” button, and you’ll get a whole list of suggestions for names for your business.

Pick the one that you think is most suitable. What just sounds right to you? The branding pros at Namify encourages you to play around a little to get as many suggestions as you can. Just to make sure you’ve gotten something truly unique, it is recommended you run the title through the United States Patent and Trademark database. For example, it appears that “Fashion Pass” is already taken by a clothing rental in California. Try again! 

More Tips on Naming Your Business

Get something easy to spell. You don’t want to type your business name into a search engine and have spell check send people looking for your business in twenty different directions. Don’t limit yourself. Sure, you might want to focus on bridal and bridesmaid gowns for now, but you don’t want to cut out the prom and quinceañera market. Consider adding “and More” to your store name if you have more than just the main draw. In this day and age, you will definitely need a domain name so that people can find you online. You’ll have to make sure it isn’t taken.

Legally, you can share a name with a place of business if they provide a different service, but it would be better to get something different. For example, I once worked for an art supply store called “Michael’s” in a town that also had a “gentleman’s club” by that name. I had to be very careful when I told people where I worked! The name should be catchy but not too “out there”. For example, is anyone outside Bonnie Scotland going to know what a Cèilidh is? (Or how to say it?) “Armadillos on Fire” may have been inspired by a wacky dream you had, but what does it have to do with fashion?  


Name generators have been around since the Internet began. Some people use them to get names for fiction or role-playing characters. Some are just for fun, to see what your name would be if you were a pirate or Viking. Namify can help you come up with a legitimate name for a new business. Best of luck!

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