Ewrix innovates with technology

Companies that shun innovations and technology will inevitably struggle for success. Without innovations, your business will be unable to leverage the profit-building benefits in today’s highly-competitive marketplace.

Ewrix, a third-party shipping provider, has carved out a reputation in the industry that sets it apart from competitors. And we use innovations, along with technology, to aggressively assist our business clients to achieve their business goals – growth and a healthy financial portfolio.

“No one beats us,” Ewrix points out on its website at Ewrix.com. “Innovation and forward progress are at the top of our hit list, and we also apply these principles to our internal processes.”

The bedrock of our business is giving exceptional services at reasonable rates. We want your business to succeed. We work as a team, and your victories are ours as well.

Inhouse innovations

We present you with quality services that will meet your needs, even if you might not yet realize what some of those needs are. We don’t hold back anything, and the breadth of our service plans offer the flexibility your business needs to succeed.

Ewrix’s service plans start at low monthly rates. We charge these rates because we vigorously negotiate with vendors and carriers to solicit the best rates. And we pass these savings along to you.

We use any valuable feedback we get from our employees and clients to improve operations throughout the company. Your input has led to a more efficient system and money-saving strategies that are key to making your businesses better. We also leverage some of the information we get from you to create new products.

Technology also improves working conditions. Our employees guide and direct some of our most innovative solutions that help you improve your business operations. We value the work our staff and make sure they are happy at Ewrix, which is owned by Alternative Transportation, Inc.

We also depend on our employees to help build and keep our clients satisfied with the business services we offer. Innovations allow staff to work more efficiently. And we provide them with a safe workplace, one that is free from stress and harassment. We also:

  • Continually embrace technologies that improve working conditions 
  • Find answers to internal issues
  • Get input from employees on how our business is performing and what other changes we can make to help them be more efficient
  • Provide training and coaching
  • Use tested workplace organization methods to create and encourage relationships among our staff, customers, and vendors
  • Reward employees for their contributions and outstanding performance

“We have great pride in our dedicated team who work hard every day to get the job. We credit them for making us number 1 time and time again.”

Getting the edge

Ewrix has added technological innovations that support the growth of your business. Technology allows us to keep track of the products we store and ship for our clients, making our supply-chain operation a lot more efficient and cost-effective. We also use technology in many other areas throughout our operations. Areas include:

  • Supply chain shipment storage
  • Inventory management
  • Quality control
  • Product inspections
  • Monitoring and analyzing inventory
  • Analyzing and make recommendations

At Ewrix, we understand that no two business is exactly alike and that they have different needs and goals. We challenge ourselves daily to give you expert and professional support to guarantee your success.