Factors To Consider for Hose Reels on Mobile Service Trucks

Factors To Consider for Hose Reels on Mobile Service Trucks

Mobile service trucks are designed with many different types of equipment for the purpose of providing quick, efficient repairs. One important piece of this is a hose reel. Some common questions that arise when it comes to hose reels on mobile service trucks are:

1. What conditions will you be working under?

This is a major factor to consider when looking for a hose reel. The ambient temperature, exposure to the sun, and other factors can influence how effective your hose reel will work. You should look at all aspects of the weather where you will be working before buying a particular type of hose reel. As a professional, you will have to work in all weather conditions, so this should be a key factor.

2. How much water pressure does your truck have?

Your truck’s pump should be able to support the hose reel that you choose. In most cases, it is advisable to get a hose reel with a pump that matches or exceeds the maximum psi of your pump. A hose reel with a higher psi will allow for quick and easy dispensing of water to the spray nozzles.

3. How much weight can it hold?

You should determine the weight of all hoses, spray nozzles, and other equipment that you will be using. You can then look at hose reels with an equal or greater weight capacity to ensure safe operation.

4. How many patterns are available?

Hose reels are available in single-pattern units as well as multi-pattern units. A multi-pattern hose reel allows you to dispense water, foam, and air from the same truck setup. If your truck will be carrying out different tasks on a regular basis, then this is an important feature that you should look for.

5. Is it lightweight?

The weight of the hose reel is also important. If you plan to use your hose reel on a regular basis, then the weight of the unit should not be more than 30 pounds. You can also purchase lightweight hose reels that will ensure easy portability when it is time to roll out.

6. Does it have an efficient design?

A well-designed hose reel will ensure that the hose is wound properly. It will also prevent tangling and dripping, which can cause accidents during operation. You should look for a unit that has an efficient rotating design as well as quality swivels to ensure easy dispensing of water or foam from all sides of the truck.

7. How fast do you need it to unwind?

You will need to establish how fast you want your hose reel to unwind the hose. Most modern models are equipped with a speed-control feature that allows for easy adjustment of water flow rates. You can choose from high-speed or low-speed reels depending on the task at hand, but make sure that you get one that meets your specific needs.

8. What type of hose reel do I need?

Before you purchase a hose reel, it is important to understand the different types of hose reels available. This will help you choose the right model for your needs and ensure that it is easy to use in all weather conditions. You can find three major types of hose reels: manual, electric, and dual action. There is a fixed hose reel with a swivel as well as those with a stationary base unit.

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Hose reels are essential for the safe and effective operation of a mobile service truck. If you’ve been debating which type to purchase, we hope this blog post has helped clarify your decision-making process!

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