How can PPC for bariatric surgery help increase revenue?

How can PPC for bariatric surgery help increase revenue

Bariatric surgery is a highly lucrative and competitive industry, with many different types of surgeries available to help people lose weight. Surgical procedures can also help people who suffer from obesity-related problems such as diabetes or heart disease. To increase revenue for your practice, you should consider using PPC (pay-per-click) for healthcare.

This post explores how Bariatric PPC can help hospitals increase their revenue by increasing patient quality of life and decreasing medical costs. Interested? Read on below!

1. More websites traffic

Targeting keywords related to bariatric surgery will help increase the number of patients that are visiting your website. This additional traffic will decrease your advertising cost per acquisition, as you are able to get more volume at targeted price points. More ad exposure also means more opportunities for people to click on your ad. When they do, it can lead to more revenue for your practice.

2. Higher value ad conversions

Targeting keywords related to bariatric surgery will allow you to reach the type of patient that is most likely to need or benefit from these services. This means when they do convert (and they are much closer when they’ve searched “bariatric surgery in [my city]” than when they arrive through generic terms like “weight loss surgery”), you will make more money because the visitor is much closer to conversion.

3. Lower cost per click (CPC)

Targeting keywords related to bariatric surgery instead of generic terms means less competition for your ad (or higher search volume), which results in lower CPCs. Lower CPCs equal more money in your pocket!

4. Increased CTRs

Your ad rank is determined by your CPC and Quality Score, which is based on how relevant your keywords are to the user’s search query, as well as how often people click on your ad. Targeting bariatric surgery-related keywords will help increase your Quality Score, which means your ad will be more likely to show up at the top of page 1 – where 90% of people click – and you’ll have a higher CTR.

5. Decreased wasted spend

By decreasing wasted spend on low-converting keywords, PPC effectiveness for bariatric surgery helps increase revenue because those budgets are able to be used on higher-converting keywords.

6. Improved campaign management

Having someone manage your bariatric PPC campaign means you’ll spend less time managing the day-to-day activities of your ad campaigns and more time focusing on what really matters – bringing in new patients through bariatric surgery! This is why so many practices are turning to PPC managers for help increasing revenue through improved PPC management services.

7. Accurate reporting

PPC reporting is the best way to accurately measure your PPC campaign’s success. This allows you to understand what’s working and what’s not, then adjust/optimize your strategy for future campaigns.

8. Easy to set up and manage

Creating a PPC campaign for bariatric surgery is easy and can be done by using Google AdWords or Bing! You’ll want someone who specializes in AdWords management to maximize your budget, though, as there are many rules, regulations, and best practices to abide by.

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