How can you make money online?

In the recent pandemic, work from home has come out as a blazing trend for job seekers around the world. While traditional methods of employment are still popular, people have also started adopting online means to earn money. This trend is also growing among teenagers who are using their skills to earn money online. In fact, according to JobStreet, more than 50% of Malaysians now prefer work-from-home arrangements. Apart from traditional jobs, there are various online methods through which you can make money online while staying at home.

1. Set up a business on Social Media

One of the biggest tools of social media is setting up online shops. These online shops come with many features as well as insights that allow you to keep track of the growth of your business. Many people have started selling things over platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These platforms have in-built features for a user to set up a business account and make money online.

Partnering with giant e-commerce sites is another way to sell your products. For instance, if you make t-shirts or artworks like hand painted shoes, you can sign a contract with any e-commerce website that is ready to sell your products. In exchange, the e-commerce website will charge you a commission depending on the terms of the contract.

2. Opt for freelancing

If you are someone who likes to work as per your own schedule, freelancing can be your best choice. Nowadays, there are many good freelancing websites where a person can sign up and take up gigs as per their preference.

A freelancer usually has to set up a detailed profile on these websites, so that clients can approach them accordingly. Many people with skills like language translation, graphic designing, content writing, editing, or proofreading can use their skills to freelance their work and earn money. A freelancer is usually paid a fixed amount per gig or per assignment that they undertake.

3. Try blogging and affiliate marketing

If you have a way with words, blogging can be just the right field for you. Setting a blog website is easy and free on some platforms. Blog websites give you the perfect opportunity to gain traffic and build your audience. You can then use your audience as a business opportunity and place strategic ads on your blogs. You can earn a commission every time a user interacts with these ads.

Another option to earn money with the help of blogs is to try affiliate marketing. Under affiliate marketing, you earn money to promote a brand’s product or service on your blog website. For example: If you have a blog that talks about college lifestyle, you can work with brands that sell college supplies, books, planners, or clothes. In this way, you can promote these products on your blog by writing a review or mentioning them in the article. You can expect to get paid for every sale that the brand makes with the help of your article.

4. Teach online or create a course

Education shifted to online platforms during the pandemic. While initially, both students and teachers had to learn to adapt to digital teaching mode, this has become a trend now. People have certainly realized the convenience that comes with online teaching and learning.

If you are a person with a skill that can be shared with others, you can easily monetize this skill. For instance, you can teach a subject online, tutor music or dance students, or even set up an educational YouTube channel. In addition, you can work with different educational platforms to build a fully online course that can be sold to learners. In this way, learners can access the course at their convenience, without you having to teach them live.

5. Become an influencer

More and more brands are looking for influencers that match their business niche and have the type of audience that a brand requires. Influencer marketing is an important aspect of digital marketing, where influencers earn money with the help of reviews and sponsored posts of a brand. You must have noticed the sponsored tag in an influencer’s post about a particular product or service.

The popularity of influencer marketing also lies under the fact that people like to associate a real person with a brand. If they see their favorite influencer promoting a product or service, they are more likely to believe them. Many people, especially the younger generation are using the power of social media to earn big figures by using their influential skills. Visit us.

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