How Custom Reusable Bags Are Increasingly Becoming a Part of the Supermarket

Many supermarkets are increasingly replacing plastic bags with custom reusable bags. This is the sight in several nations. As more and more people are becoming aware of the harm caused by plastic bags, and how eco-friendly bags help to conserve the environment.

Let us learn more about the favorable amendments made by supermarkets worldwide to stop the use of plastics.

Replacement of plastic product by eco-friendly materials

Supermarkets have adopted eco-friendly things in their stores. In place of plastic fittings, and fixtures, supermarkets are using lampshades made from wood, and metal shelves, to reduce the negative effect on the environment.

You will also see that close to seven hundred products that include dairy, meat, veggies, beans, etc. are packaged with non-plastic material. This has reduced the use of plastic to a considerable extent.

Custom Grocery Bags is a leading company that has several years of experience in manufacturing superior quality custom promo items for people. Their reusable, non-woven, and eco-friendly full color tote bags are made from cotton, jute, and other natural materials. These bags ensure enhanced brand exposure and create an eco-ethical image of business among people.

The imposition of fine and imprisonment

This is another measure that the government has taken to reduce the use of plastic and the harm that it is causing on the environment.

Kenya government has started to impose $40,000 fine or four years of imprisonment on all those who are found to manufacture, sell or use plastic bags. With this strict rule, people are motivated to encourage a reusable lifestyle.

Plastic-free campaigns

Teresa May, the British Prime Minister has endorsed the “Plastic-Free campaign” to eliminate plastic waste in Britain in twenty-five years. As a part of this campaign, supermarkets are directed to eliminate plastic in the store in five years.

Former footballer, Richard Eckersley, has established the first zero-waste store in the UK named “Earth.Food.Love”. This store encourages people to bring in their containers, and fill them up with their needed organic products.

Once done they can weigh, and make payment for it. Unilever is committed to making its plastic packaging reusable, compostable, and recyclable by the year 2025.

There is a dramatic shift seen among people in regards to plastic waste. People are now taking it seriously, and committing themselves towards making the planet free from plastic. Stores, communities, and nations are turning their focus towards custom reusable products that are sustainable and results in low wastage. These bags are again in vogue and getting frequently used. If these campaigns and measures are strictly followed and obeyed by people, then the dream of making our country “plastic-free” can be realized soon.


In this way, reusable bags are rapidly changing the scene in supermarkets. This move has been positively impacting the environment and can be beneficial for businesses too. Not only these bags are affordable and durable, but they also serve the different objectives of the user.  Made in attractive designs, and patterns, custom bags are sure to accomplish your brand promotion in an eco-friendly way.

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