How Escape Room Games Can Help in Team Building

Most people tend to play it safe when trying new things in life and at work; this likely holds true for your employees and teams as well. But what they don’t realize is that the easy groove can quickly become a rut.

If you want your people to have new perspectives, it’s time to take them on an adventure where they can jump into new experiences, discover their strengths and appreciate what their colleagues bring to the table.

It’s time to think outside the box and go inside an escape room.

Why Opt For Team Building Escape Rooms

An escape room is a game, real-life or virtual, in which a group of people (friends, family, or coworkers) works together to solve a puzzle in a specific amount of time so they can be allowed inside the room.

No matter how much your employees appreciate having a job, they don’t want the same things.

However, these games can teach them the importance of having a shared goal (i.e., escaping the escape room) and motivating each other to achieve it. Also, nothing beats the feeling of celebrating as a team when you finally reach your goal.

Here are several reasons why a team-building escape room exercise is so effective at bringing teams together:

Improves Communication

No man is an island. This holds all the more true in intense situations where survival depends on working with others. Team-building escape rooms compel people to talk to each other, plan out their next moves in unison and get consensus on how to best solve the puzzle so everyone can get out.

As your team collaborates and deliberates over the different clues, everyone gets a chance to chime in. In fact, you’ll find that even the relatively quieter employees speak up.

Exposes Team Strengths

The chances are that you have colleagues who are a mystery. Rest assured that they will surprise you during escape room games because they’ll be pushed to step up to the challenge.

The person you expected to become a leader takes a backseat and is happy with cracking the puzzles. While the quiet, shy person from your team ends up rallying everyone and leading the problem-solving.

Escape room team building activities can show you what each player is made of.

Improves Time Management Skills

Escape games can be up to 3 hours long, while the shortest can be solved in as little as 5 minutes. Either way, they are a challenge to complete in the given time. This allows your employees to improve their time management skills and their ability to work together under pressure.

They can’t afford to sit around for a few minutes because they might not have time to solve all the clues and win. Instead, they have to work individually to find the clues and then share them with the group to make sense of them within the time constraints.

Team building escape rooms are not only a great way to improve decision-making and time management abilities, but they also make for good memories.

If you plan to host a team-building activity that breaks away from the same-old corporate shenanigans, opt for an escape room adventure next time. Escape room games can be an excellent way for employees to bond, communicate and have a fantastic time outside the workplace. Visit the website to learn more

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