How to Attract and Retain More Women Leaders

Does your company culture fit the bill of developing gender diversity strategies, retaining, and prioritizing female pool of talents? If so, what measures have you taken to retail your female employees?

Studies reveal that a larger pool of female talent can exceptionally boost your company’s growth manifold. The top-notch Fortune 500 companies have higher women representation financially outperform those who believe in bolstering patriarchy. A recent study states that companies empowering gender diversity are on the side of gaining revenues than the rest. Furthermore, women can enlighten the workplace and foster a working environment beneficial for all.

Do you know what the benefits of having women leaders are?

  • Enhances job satisfaction amongst all employees
  • Enables more organizational dedication
  • Emphasizes on doing meaningful work
  • A lower level of burnout
  • Impacts employee engagement and retention.

7 best ways to attract and retain female talents

  • Focus on female leadership challenges and competence

The major challenges a women leader faces include—managing co-workers in the organization, establishing credibility, creating influence, and negotiation. Hence the core competence lies in deploying strategic thinking and managing the organizational complexities. To do this, women leaders must be trained, mentored, and encouraged to attain workshops to improve their performance.

  • Reinvigorate the core system that bottleneck women talent

Dive deeper into the organization system that throttles women opportunities and development at the workplace. Women are attracted to a progressive company culture having professional development, leadership advancement, career progression, and flexibility of working.

  • Equalization of pay

Even with all the talks on empowering feminism, women are getting paid much less for equal work than their male colleagues. As an imperative step to retain women’s leadership talents, organizations must acknowledge and appreciate their hard work and eliminate the gender-biased payment.

  • Foster a diver and inclusive workplace culture

It is imperative to reevaluate the company culture and ensure an environment wherein women feel a part of the team, and their talent is recognized and appreciated. This will retain the interest of female employees and build a team of happy employees.

  • A robust marketing move

With an enhanced work culture, you can successfully retain your existing women leaders, but what about attracting new talent? Are the job seekers aware of the ongoing evolution of your business culture that focuses on women’s growth? If not, it’s time to make a powerful marketing move through social media, job postings, or the company’s website to enlighten the audience about the growing preference of women in the company. You can authenticate the statement by quoting the experiences of a few existing female employees.

  • Enable flexibility of work

Women want the flexibility of work to be able to handle home and office simultaneously. It is seen that organizations that foster remote working, flexible working hours, or job-sharing are on the A-list of the job seekers. So ensure you have a business culture that addresses creating an enhanced work-life balance.

  • Give gender-equal opportunities

Often female talents are ignored at the time of promotion, increased pay, or improving leadership skills. To retain and attract higher women percentage in the company, organizations must emphasize rendering equal opportunity in terms of support system and resources to strengthen women leaders to gain potential leverage for their career growth.


As an organization, your prime focus is to recruit and leverage the talent irrespective of gender cast, a creed to empower business growth and team productivity. A woman leader can become an inspiration for many talented young females to join the organization and achieve great heights in their career.

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