If you own a car, this is what you need to know!

If you have just bought a car or started to learn to maintain a car this is some of what you need to know to protect your car for the long term to safeguard it. Car repairs are generally expensive, but if maintained well with care, one can save tons of money on avoidable repair costs.

  1. Understanding your car specifications

The make, the model, the year your car was built, and the body style are the first things you should know about it. This may sound obvious, but you’d be astonished at how many individuals are unaware of this fact. They frequently make mistakes with the year or model, which might result in major confusion while ordering parts. Coolant, components, and supplies for fixing your car are all dependent on the car’s year, make, and model, at the very least, so knowing this information is crucial. Car technology and design, and the versions of a car can vary dramatically over a year, so the components necessary for your vehicle can as well.

  1. Know your VIN-Vehicle Identification Number

Your car’s signature is its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). It’s a 17-digit number that identifies your car’s production date, location, make, model, and engine size, among other things. The VIN is attached to the vehicle for the duration of its life and can appear in one of a few spots depending on your car. For example, it could be on the front of the engine block, door post on the driver’s side, bottom of the windscreen on the passenger’s side, or somewhere else. When you buy a car the paperwork should have your VIN number on it too. You must know where to find this number, but it is not necessary to remember it. When dealing with repair and car insurance providers, your VIN comes in handy. If you wish to buy a car or buy components for it, you may use your VIN to hunt for information.

  1. Buy car insurance

Is it possible to drive a car without insurance? Absolutely not, because driving without insurance is against the law. To be registered to drive in Australia, every vehicle must have at least a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance coverage. Having comprehensive car insurance protects your car from loss or damage caused by things like accidents, theft, vandalism, fire, hail, storm, or flood. It also covers loss or damage to another person’s vehicles or property that you cause while driving. It acts as financial armour when you’re on the road – and off! – and that’s why you need to buy the best car insurance possible.

  1. Do not forget to be keen on the tyre capacity

Tyre pressure is possibly the most overlooked aspect of maintenance, though we typically ignore for a least some amount of time warning lights on the dashboard that don’t relate to re-fuelling. But we shouldn’t, even though many of us despite putting air in our tyres as much as we like pumping gas. Ignoring this car maintenance need just increases our chances of getting a flat or blowing out, picking up a nail in the tyre, or wearing out our tyres faster. Not having sufficient tyre pressure also creates a drag while driving, which increases fuel consumption. Stop ignoring this task immediately, since it also will shorten the life of your tyres and compel you to replace them more frequently. Tyres are costly, but if properly maintained, they may endure for over 50,000 kilometres. Keep an eye on the pressure and maintain the tyre life.

Every car owner should be aware of the above mentioned basic knowledge. It helps a lot in the long run when you’re hunting for parts and, well, it’s never a bad thing to be protective of our assets!

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