Important Things Travellers Should Know And Do When There Is A Flight Delay

For travellers departing on a journey, flight delays and last-minute cancellations rank among the most irritating scenarios. The government has developed some rules addressing aircraft delays with these instances in mind. Customers are eligible for compensation under the following policy in the event of a flight delay. Additionally, if you have obtained travel insurance cover, you may be qualified for reimbursement under the terms of your insurance policy.

Typical reasons for flight delays

You have the right to know the cause of the delay as a passenger. This is significant since it clarifies your eligibility for the insurance claim as well as for other expenses like accommodation and food. In the event of a flight delay, you will be entitled to meals, beverages, etc. if you have travel insurance. If you get international travel insurance, you will be safeguarded against airline delays when travelling internationally.

The following are some of the frequent causes of aircraft delays

  • Flight delays brought on by technological problems
  • The aeroplane arrived late, which caused flight delays
  • Due to a threat to airport security
  • Flight delays caused inclement weather

Following are some activities you can engage in if your flight is delayed

1. Arrive on time

Evening flights are more likely to be delayed than morning flights. You should provide enough time for you to reach the airport in case something goes wrong. And make sure you get domestic travel insurance to prevent loss from missing flights.

2. Be social 

Get to know the other people waiting. You’ll quickly become buddies because you both are in the same fix.

3. Pack a pastime

Even though there is in-flight entertainment, passengers still have to wait to board their planes, and delays can seem to last forever. Things like a crossword puzzle, a Nintendo DS loaded with your favourite games, or a Kindle full of books will keep you engaged during difficult times.

4. Get some rest 

If your flight is significantly delayed and there are no motels nearby, don’t lose hope. Look for a cosy area to cuddle up and take a quick snooze. For scenarios like this, you might want to bring a sleeping mask, earbuds, and a shawl or thin blanket that you can store in your carry-on bag. Before you buy travel insurance online check if they compensate you for flight delays.

5. Offer a treat

It is advisable to have some healthy snacks like protein bars, nuts, etc. while waiting for the flight rather than leaving your stomach empty for a long time, which could cause bloating.

Regulations for flight delays

The government mandates that airlines pay passengers according to the following standards:

1. Free lunches must be provided by the airline for delays of between two and five hours.

2. If there is a delay of six hours or more, you must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the departure time. An other flight must be an option, or a full refund should be made available.

3. A delay of less than two hours entitles you to refreshments.

You must be aware that if delays happen due to circumstances outside the aircraft operator’s control, these restrictions are invalid. Among the factors outside of the flight operator’s control include riots, floods, laws of the land, political unrest, security issues, etc.

Compared to Indian flight delay restrictions, global flight delay regulations are tighter. Regulations governing compensation for travel delays are prohibited by the Montreal Convention. According to the rules, the traveller may be qualified to make a claim for monetary damages sustained as a result of the flight delay. It’s crucial to keep in mind that you might need to demonstrate in court that you suffered a financial loss. So make sure you always take flight insurance.

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