Own a Smartphone? Here’s How Carrying Motor Insurance Documents is Easier

Driving your dream vehicle on that long stretch of a road is an exhilarating experience. It is the very joy of driving your dream vehicle. But there are some compliances too; compliance in the form of having specified documents.

The Motor Vehicles Act 1988, makes it mandatory to carry a copy of your registration certificate, vehicle insurance and pollution certificate. In earlier days, the only way to carry these documents was physically, but technology has evolved. The Digital India initiative introduced by the government has seen amendments in many laws. It has eliminated the need for carrying paper-based documents. It extends to Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, which permits you to carry your vehicle registration certificate, PUC certificate, as well as your motor insurance policy in electronic form. For this purpose, the government has authorised two applications – DigiLocker and mParivahan.

Using these apps, now you can save all your vehicle-related documents in digitised form. It eliminates the need to physically carry any document when riding your bike. With smartphones penetrating the market to make its way to the rural population, this is a welcome move by almost everyone. Continue reading to learn more about them.


DigiLocker is an initiative by the Ministry of Electronics & IT (MeitY). It gives you access to authentic digital documents. These documents stored in this app have the same validity as your original physical document. DigiLocker facility is available on both, mobile and web. You can obtain not only your registration certificate and driving license, but other documents like e-Aadhaar, insurance documents from insurers providing e-services and more.

How can you save your documents using DIgiLocker facility?

The login process under DigiLocker is Aadhaar-based. Once you are successfully logged in, the documents can be imported from the database. Your driving license, registration certificate and even car or 2 wheeler insurance policy can be pulled from the servers. However, this application does not store PUC, so you still need to carry a physical copy of the same.


mParivahan is the application launched by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways. It is designed to facilitate paperless verification of vehicle documents and driver details. This application can be downloaded on your smartphone. Once you are registered, you can not only save your vehicle RC along with its details, but also your driving license too. It is an application that can help you go completely paperless using your smartphone when it comes to compliance regarding motor vehicles.

How can you store your documents using mParivahan app?

Browse through your application store on your smartphone. Registration under this application is mandatory only to store documents. To view your RC or driving license, you need not register. The login process is a straightforward OTP based process. Once you sign-up, you can store your vehicle and driving license documents.

These are some handy ways that you can use to store your bike or car insurance policy documents in your smartphone. This way not only heft fines can be averted, but also you can travel without the hassles of carrying your crucial vehicle documents.

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