Promotional Products to Watch Out for in 2022

In-person events are on the rise once again as the world pushes forward from a grueling two-year pandemic. And the promotional products industry is getting a boost, albeit gradually. In a report from the Associated Press, businesses are once again seeking out promotional and gift items as “trade shows and other events have been allowed to begin operating again.” 

Globally, the promotional product industry has a market share of over $80 billion and it may continue to grow as businesses see promotional products and corporate gifts as an essential part of their business strategy. Statistics from IbisWorld show that online corporate and promotional giftware sales in Australia grew by 4.4 percent in 2022 to a market size of almost $150 million. In 2019, the industry had a market size of over $250 million. Annualized market size growth shrunk by 8.3 percent, but projections are showing recovery.

The return of personalized items

Hot promotional products currently returning to the events scene are personalised items, particularly notebooks. These have been staple gifts from companies before the pandemic, but they are particularly gaining popularity once again as part of back-to-office kits. Personalised notebooks are a popular choice as they are commonly used, easy to customize, and distribute. There are suppliers around Sydney that can provide various notebook customizations including color, size, shape, and type of material. Jotters, note cubes and other desk items are bundled into back-to-office kits. These can also be customized to match the notebooks.

Hygiene kits are trending

Another trending promotional product is the hygiene kit. Since the pandemic, people have been more mindful of their personal cleanliness, which have become a habit for many. AP reports that branded facemasks have become quite popular. 39 percent of consumers own a branded facemask while 57 percent say they are “more likely to do business with a company giving out promotional masks.” Personalised hygiene kits usually contain face masks, disinfecting wipes, isopropyl alcohol, anti-bacterial soap, and pocket tissues. Suppliers can even add more items and customize it according to your company branding.

Other popular SWAG (or “stuff we all get”)

Other cool promotional items are also popping up in events. These SWAGs include personalized pens, USB dongles, umbrellas, caps, tote bags, jackets, metal flasks, shirts, lanyards and headphones. Products made from eco-friendly materials are also in demand like bamboo flasks and sunglasses, wooden items, and recycled containers. Engraving has also become popular for customizing eco-friendly items. 

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