Shocking statistics that demonstrate why you need a cleaner at work

We all know that we need to keep our office’s spaces clean, but though some dirt is visible to the human eye not all of it is, so here are some shocking statistics that we found that may make you think differently about how clean your area is and why investing in a cleaner at work, or hiring a facilities management company to assist in cleaning, may be a good move.

It was found by a cleaning company that 60% of desk that they surveyed had Staphylococcus on them, some have such high levels of this particular bacteria that it was suggested it would have been safer to work from the toilets.

Wonder why you are more likely to get ill at work? This is because the average human touches their face sixteen times per hour and most common infections like colds are passed through touch alone, this is why it is suggested that you wash your hands as much as possible because of how much we touch surfaces and then our faces. It is said that on an average day at work we can come into contact with over ten million bacteria per day.

Do you love to photocopy while at work? Well, these surfaces are usually touched more than 300 times per day and surfaces like this are usually not cleaned regularly by any workers, but this could be avoided if a company was to hire a cleaning company to ensure a good cleaning schedule.

Work on a desk on your own? The average keyboard has an average of 7,500 bacteria on it and it is known that because it is your equipment and no one else use it that we don’t clean it as often, but we go around touches all of these other surfaces and essentially transfer that into our working environment.

Sneezing is one of the quickest ways for germs to be spread around an environment, the rate of speed that it can travel means that surfaces all around them can become infected very quickly and it is hard to keep it contained. A cleaning company that comes in twice a day can keep these levels down so that organisations don’t have half of their staff sick without a few days because of poorly cleaned surfaces.

Spray and wipe do not work! Most antibacterial cleaners need a decent amount of contact time to start working. This is usually between 30 to 60 seconds, so don’t worry if a cleaning company sprays an area and then leaves it for a moment; they are doing their job more effectively.

These are only a few statistics that were found but it shows that most office spaces need a decent cleaning company that is going to keep a good handle on the rate of bacteria that is around your working environment.

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