The history and evolution of the industrial sector

The history and evolution of the industrial sector has been an infuriating tale. If you look at the evolutionary trends of industrial machinery and technologies, you will find four distinct phases. The first phase of evolution occurred in the eighteenth century England during which the first generation machines were introduced. These machines were necessarily very basic ones. The steam power became the major power source during this phase of industrial revolution. The second phase of revolution came into being when electricity replaced steam power as the main power source in the industries. The second phase of the industrial revolution had been quite a success as now every industry runs on the electric power systems. The third industrial revolution came around the time when internet connection came into the industrial scene. The introduction of internet actually brought a whole new generation of industrial machinery into use. And lastly, the current phase of industrial revolution which is also known as the industry 4.0 is bringing the artificial intelligence in the Industrial sector.

Three things you need to know about Industry 4.0

Now if you actually look at the different aspects of industry 4.0 you will find that three things stand out in the discussion. The industry 4.0 is concerned with the implementation of the artificial intelligence system in the industrial sector. This is to ensure that the machines learn things on their own and improvise on the gathered knowledge to a greater extent. Industry 4.0 is also important as it gives the industrialists the chance to achieve a greater level of automation. This simply means that by implementing new age technology human interventions in different Industrial sectors can be minimalized. Now only will this bring a greater change but it will also enable better production rate and quality. And lastly, industry 4.0 is also concerned with providing better levels of maintenance as predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance both are available with this generation of industrial machinery.

Connect with a good industrial solutions brand

So if you are in Thailand and want to implement fourth generation of industrial machinery then make sure that you connect with a good industrial solutions brand. It is because industrial solutions and developing companies can help you in implementing these technologies and machinery in your Industrial setup.

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