Tips To Ship Your RV Cross Country Safely

If you have purchased an RV recently and wondering how to get it to your location, you could choose the shipping services. You can also use the shipping services to move your RV wherever you want across the US. For example, if you are planning to relocate to a new place and wanted to take your RV there, self-driving is not recommended as it can be stressful and not safe.

You must follow a few things when getting your RV’s interior ready:

  • Remove unnecessary and loose objects, including those that are hanging, like framed pictures.
  • Lock windows and doors to prevent openings during transportation.

RV Exterior

  • Secure each and every slide-out.
  • Cargo doors should be secured.

Have you chosen a shipping company? If you haven’t done it yet, then here is a suggestion for you. One of the leading shipping companies in the US for a good number of years is Ship a Car, Inc. It is very easy to book their shipping services now. In fact, you can book their services online through their website. 

How to choose a shipping company?

  • Be it any shipping company, the service cost will generally depend on the weight of the RV and the distance from your current location to the new location. Request quotes from different companies in your location to find a good deal. 
  • Choose an insured company always. This helps you in getting coverage if anything goes wrong during the shipment. 
  • The company which you choose must be licensed as well. As the number of fake shipping companies is growing in number everywhere, it is important to be careful when making your choice. 
  • Read the customer reviews online carefully. Choose a top-rated company if you are looking for the best services. 

When a driver from the shipping company arrives at the pick-up location for your vehicle pick-up, it is important to check whether his or her details are matching with the details you have received in your mail or through text message. Some drivers may arrange for their friends and mislead you. Hence, doing this check is very important. 

Check for leaks and fluid levels such as coolant, engine oil, and transmission fluid. You must also check the battery condition. Take a video of your vehicle from different angles, as it would be helpful to you as proof if something goes with it during the shipping process. In fact, if you observe any dents or scratches, or any other kind of damage, this video would be very helpful to you. It is also important to check the condition of your RV tires. 

You can choose shipping services to ship school buses, motorcycles, and cars as well. When it comes to cars, shipping cost depends on the model of your car, its weight, and distance. You will have two options for shipping your motorcycles and cars and they are open carrier services and enclosed carrier services. The enclosed carrier services would be beneficial to you if you want more secured services. 

Book the services of a reputed shipping company to ship your vehicle safely!


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