Types of retail POS systems 

Technology has changed the way we sell, and if you’re not using the latest point of sale system, then you’re missing out on all that it has to offer. With these systems designed to suit every size and type of business, you can be sure there’s something here to meet your needs. For more information about a point of sale systems or Retail POS software to place an order, call today!

Here are the different POS systems for retailers

Here are the different POS system for retailers.

·       Mobile point of sale systems 

Mobile POS systems offer a flexible, cost-effective alternative to wireless terminals that empower retailers to take advantage of their store’s space. Touch screen technology enables a seamless transition from counter terminals to mobile POS by attaching a tablet. These systems eliminate the need to have expensive cellular connections which can be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses operating on tight margins.

The mobile point of sale system gives retailers the ability to have their staff serve customers on the shop floor, see inventory availability, show customers alternative products, and even make sales directly from their tablets. This extremely convenient option is ideal for large stores or retailers with complex inventories.

Today, all mobile and tablet devices are used to run mobile business software or mPOS. From owners of small startup businesses to international companies, any small company can leverage the benefits of an mPOS for its daily transactions such as taking payments via credit cards and processing transactions.

·       Counter-based point of sale systems 

If you’re thinking of moving away from traditional counter-based POS systems, there are some best POS systems which is a great place to start. There is the software you can use with iPad POS hardware to track inventory and sales anywhere in your store, and it integrates with tons of other apps and services.

If you’re using a counter-based point of sale (POS) setup, your POS software should be able to suggest up-selling and cross-selling options to customers. While some bundled POS systems offer this feature, many third-party Retail POS software providers do as well. Up-selling and cross-selling help retailers increase their overall margins by encouraging customers to purchase upgrades and add ons to their purchases.

·       Omnichannel point of sale systems 

Working from a centralized system saves time, improves service, and ensures consistency. It offers the best way to serve your customers – whether they shop in-store or online – and grow your business. By running online and in-store from one, easily accessible system, you can offer a consistent customer experience across all channels.

SNAPOS is one of the best app provided by zetran! Additional to SNAPOS, they offer the accounting software, with lot more features. myBooks are familiar as the best Zoho Books alternative

·       Online/eCommerce point of sale systems 

Making shopping easier is the name of the game for today’s eCommerce stores. Consumers have become accustomed to fast, convenient checkout processes. That means you need to provide consumers with a smooth and effortless path for checking out or they will simply leave you and buy from someone else. The more consistent and seamless you can make your online and in-store experiences, the better chance you have of converting interest into sales.

Set up your business with the best POS system 

Two things are important for business owners when it comes to choosing the right point of sale system. First, you need to select a modern system that’s easy to use and adaptable in the future. Second, you want something with in-depth features that can help your in-store and eCommerce operations go smoothly.

Set up a smart point of sale system that gives you in-store, mobile, eCommerce, and even offline capability all in one, cloud-based system. That means you’re set up to take your business anywhere you want it to go, with as much simplicity or complexity as you need at the time.

The Bottom Line

Hope you learned about the retail POS system types. POS Software is designed for both small businesses and large businesses. One of the solutions, SNAPOS, is offered by Zetran. Zetran additionally offers free accounting software to help small businesses. myBooks accounting software, one of the Zetran making specially made for small businesses.

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