What is the role of servo motors?

A servo is an electromagnetic device that converts electricity into precise control motion by use of negative feedback. It works on several mechanisms to control the speed of the motor. It can be used to create a linear and circular motion.

Types of servo motors:

There are mainly three types of servo motors:

  1. DC servo motor: This motor has a separate dc source in the armature winding field and the winding. You can achieve control either by controlling field current and armature current.
  2. AC servo motor: This motor has an encoder that helps in giving closed loops and feedback.
  3. Positional servo motors: It is the most common motors which have physical tops situated in the gear device. It is used in controlled cars, aircraft robots and toys etc.
  4. Linear servo motors: It is similar to the positional servo motor, but it has an extra gear to control o/p.

What are the applications of servo motors?

  • This motor is used in camera lenses to enhance the focus of images.
  • This motor can be used in robots to control their vehicles.
  • This motor can also be used in robots to activate their movements.
  • This motor is used in the mining field for cutting metals
  • This motor also uses automatic doors for closing and opening.
  • This motor also used in textile industries to control and knitting machines.
  • This motor is mainly used in industrial robots, computers, CD/DVD etc.

Where can you buy servo motors.

If you want servo motors to make your machines and work precisely and accurately, then you can buy it formservo motor [เซอร์โวมอเตอร์,which is the term in Thai],which the largest company who sells servo products and much more. You can buy it online through their website. You can trust on there,as Mitsubishi is a well-known and trusted company so far.

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